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Helpful Hints For Writing A Romeo And Juliet Essay Thesis

Romeo and Juliet, the timeless classic of William Shakespeare’s work, the tragedy and death of two who are madly in love with each other, a wonderful story with morals. Content wise, the story has a lot of twist and turns and a well-detailed plot which is why many students choose this for their library research reports, and today I will be dispensing some helpful tips to help you in its creation.

Pro Tip 1: Read up or watch up

Ok, before you can even think about making your essay, you need first to read up on the book and get to know the story, characters, and the setting. Face it, as tiresome; it is to read through it; you need to get a feel of the story and visualize it happening. Use your imagination to play the story in your mind like a movie; this will help provide the necessary aid to help you a better understanding of the story.

An alternative for this is to watch the play or the movie itself make it more interesting on your part, but this step is not that recommended due to their sometimes being discrepancies between the film and the actual play written by Shakespeare.

Pro Tip 2: Immersion

Now immersion involves you imagining yourself in the story itself. Students, actors or those who have participated in the play will have the advantage on this part as because they acted the story itself giving them the feel of being Romeo or Juliet. Personally, this a fun alternative compared to reading or watching the movie, being in the play entitles you with having the first person view of the story itself because you are the story when the play goes on.

Pro Tip 3: Discus with a fellow student

This step can be more appreciated once you have finished reading the story. If you have a friend or fellow student who was tasked with the same thesis, the two of you can share each other viewpoints regarding the story. This step allows you to notice points that you have misunderstood or simply missed. You can throw ideas at each other, and it helps give you a better angle to work on your paper giving you a batch of fresh new ideas to write in your paper.

And with that, you have your tips on doing your thesis on Romeo and Juliet. I hope that this has have given you a fresh perspective on how you should work on your paper. Just remember this are tips to help you out but don’t be afraid to make your own style help you get your paper done. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

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