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Developing Essay Writing Skills: Useful Advice For Dummies

No-one is born instinctively knowing how to write an essay. Yes, some people are more academically gifted than others. Some are nurtured, and encouraged to a far greater extent than others. However, regardless of your starting point in the process EVERYONE can improve upon their essay writing skills. You may not get to a level where you can create an academic masterpiece but you should be able to improve to the extent that you are capable of passing your current course.

Here is my useful advice for dummies:

Go back to basics

Before you start worrying about creating the perfect paper, you need to ensure that you have mastered the basics of the English Language. So, if this is not perfect then there are simple things that you can do to brush up on the following:

How do you do this? Well most people probably remember practicing their spelling at school. Even if you are an adult there is no shame in doing that. If you don’t want anyone to figure what you are doing you can maybe spin it as helping your child/niece/sibling with their spelling. There are also several great online tutorials and text books that can help you with things like grammar and sentence structure.

Write for fun

Okay, so I get that this probably doesn’t feel like fun to a lot of people. However, if you really want to improve your skills then you are going to need to start somewhere. I would suggest just sitting down when you have a spare half hour and just writing about your day. Or you could possibly recount an experience that you have. This would fall into the narrative style of essay and is a great way of getting you started.

Revise what you have done

When you have something down on paper be sure to take the time out to fully revise and review what you have done. Take your rose tinted glasses off and look at it honestly and subjectively. Ask yourself:

Read it out loud

Reading out loud is a great way of drilling down and identifying any issues. Often something that you think looks great on paper sounds terrible when spoken.

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