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Creating A One-Page Essay About What Kind Of Music Do You Like

Music is a deeply personal experience and for most people, it is much more than an experience; it defines who they are and influences their mood to a certain degree. When students are asked to write an essay on the subject, they are at a loss – they feel confused as to how they can put their thoughts on paper and explain the impact that music has on them. Moreover, since you have to fit everything within one page, size is also an issue. However, the process is simpler than you think and with a bit of thought and effort, you will be capable of writing a very good paper.

Preparation practice

The first thing to do before you begin writing is to actually gather your thoughts and understand how you are going to organise them on paper. Once this task is out of the way, you will find that the process of writing the paper becomes simpler and you face no trouble switching between the different points.

Describe you feeling

Have a clear structure

Since this is a short essay, you will not have the opportunity to elaborate. That is why a simple structure is preferred with a clear introduction, beginning and ending. Your introduction should be short and sweet while your body must contain good content. Any and all ideas you might have presented in your paper should be wrapped up in the conclusion.

Do not go into too many details

Since you have a specified limit of one page, you cannot go overboard with the specific details. Thereby lose the technical jargon and unnecessary examples and keep it focused so that the readers can read the paper as a whole without feeling that some bits are missing.

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